Windows Live Calendar is a time-management web application by Microsoft as part of its Windows Live services. It is integrated into Windows Live Hotmail, the way that MSN Calendar was integrated into the MSN Hotmail service. Windows Live Calendar support iCalendar files for users to import calendar entries into their calendars.

Windows Live Calendar is currently in its beta testing stage and only available to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, India, France, Germany, Spain, and Russia.[1]


Windows Live Calendar features a similar interface to desktop calendar applications such as Windows Calendar. Similar to Windows Live Hotmail, the interface is driven by AJAX-technology which enables users to view, add and drag-and-drop calendar events from one date to another without reloading the page. It features daily, weekly, monthly and agenda view modes.

Calendar events are stored online and can be viewed from any location. Multiple calendars can be created and shared, allowing different levels of permissions for each user. Users are able to share their Windows Live Calendar via three different methods:

  • Private sharing - other users may sign-in with their Windows Live ID and view, edit and/or delete calendar entries based on the invitation by the owner
  • View-only link - other users may receive a view-only link to the calendar being shared, and be able to subscribe to the calendar via RSS or Webcal
  • Public sharing - other users may search and view the calendar on the web

Windows Live Calendar integrates with Windows Live Alerts to allow users to subscribe to alerts for upcoming calendar events via e-mail, SMS, or Windows Live Messenger. It also integrates with Windows Live Events for users to create social events that can be displayed on their calendar.


In June 2006, it was initially reported that Windows Live Calendar will feature iCalendar invitations, calendar sharing, tasks and notes, RSS support, calendar data synchronisation, and will feature a new and simplified user interface.[2]

Windows Live Calendar was reported to have entered internal pre-beta (dogfood) testing within Microsoft on August 17,2007.[3] Several months later, Windows Live Calendar beta was released for public testing on November 5, 2007.[4]

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