Windows Calendar is a calendar application that is included with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. It natively supports the iCalendar file format, and has the ability to publish and subscribe to web-based calendars by using HTTP and WebDAV. Calendars may also be published to network drive shares.

Windows Calendar has several calendar views, including Day, Week (5 and 7 day) and Month, and also supports Tasks. Windows Calendar supports over 100 calendars for each user. Windows Calendar can remind users of appointments without having to run the application beforhand. In addition, Windows Calendar supports calendar sharing and exporting.

Windows Calendar can be extended using the APIs included with the C4F Developer kit.

On Windows Server 2008, Windows Calendar is not installed by default; it becomes available if the "Desktop Experience" component is installed.

Windows Calendar is not shipped with Windows 7, having been integrated into Windows Live Mail, but may be reincluded in Windows 8 in a metro app-style form.[1]

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