Windows CE 1.0 (code name: "Alder", release date: November 1996) is an operating system for mobile and embedded computers in real time.


In mid-1994, Microsoft Corporation began work on the WinPad project, the purpose of which was to create a personal digital assistant (PDA - Personal Digital Assistant). However, very soon it became obvious that the WinPad project is unlikely to pay off, since the cost of handheld computers at that time was quite high. Software developers and PC manufacturers agreed on the opinion that the time for widespread use has not yet come.
Windows CE 1.0

In just two years, the cost of Pocket PCs became acceptable, and interest in them again revived. The market for PDAs began to grow rapidly. In 1996, Microsoft began work on a project to create an operating system for Pocket PCs, which was named Pegasus. The new operating system was very similar to Windows 95 and inherited many of the features of the latter. The first commercial version of Windows CE, Windows CE 1.0 was shown at the COMDEX exhibition in autumn 1996.

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