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Windows 7 Professional is an edition of Windows 7, best tailored to technology enthusiasts and small/medium companies,many libraries have chosen it for its professional platform for the the public user (the library member); whilst a few features found in 7 ultimate are sadly missing in 7 proffesional,it does come with most windows features native to the install,..some ime language features are not included and the bitlock feature is not included.

7 proffesional has most if not all the average user expects or needs from windows and comes at a substancial cost saving compared to 7 ultimate which sports international language ime downloads and a bitlocker programme that can be used if desired but is not an automatic function of 7 ultimate..

7 profesional is popular with local uk goverment (the council) and is considered by many as the ideal upgrade from windows xp professional.

xp professional remains dominant in the banking atm enviroment and for software platform in specialist medical equipment,   legal and licencing issues prevent a swift and direct replacement by 7 proffesional despite its technical compatibility and stable performance.

An online "anytime upgrade" is available from Microsoft at the click of a button should the 7 pro user suddenly need those extra features of 7 ultimate hence 7 pro is an economical and flexible choice for buissnesmen and other users that initialy feel no need for international language options or security document locks.

It includes all the features of Home Premium, but with more networking features such as Remote Desktop and joining a domain.

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