Visual J Sharp. Microsoft's .NET Framework-based integrated development environment in a Java-like language. Especially it should be emphasized that the language of the Visual J # environment is not a Java language, it only provides Java-like syntax and mnemonics. This is emphasized by the name J # (J Sharp).

The Visual J # environment does not require Sun JDK for its work (for compiling programs), and generates code that is designed to run in a non-Java environment - JRE, but in the .NET Framework CLR. Generate programs intended for execution on the Win32 platform (that is, not on the .NET platform) Visual J #, unlike the previous Java-like environment Microsoft - Visual J ++, can not.
Visual J Sharp

Programs created in the Visual J # environment can not run on the bare .NET CLR, they need to run an additional runtime library that provides another level of abstraction that lies between the .NET CLR and the J # program - the so-called Visual J # Redistributable.

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