USER32.DLL is a Windows file in the operating system. The first operating system with this file was Windows 95.

The file contains mouse cursors, and icons from the message boxes.

Mouse Cursors


Icon Groups

Windows 95 – ME (1995–2010)

Window OLd Excalmation Win95 Question Win95 Critical Stop Win95 Asterisk Win95 Windows Flag 1995-2001 Shield win95

Windows XP (2001–2014)

Dialog luna Excalmation luna Question luna Critical stop luna Asterisk luna Dialog luna Shield luna

Windows Vista – 8.1 (2006–2015)

Dialog aero Excalmation aero Question aero Critical stop aero Asterisk aero Dialog aero Shield aero

Windows 10 (2015–present)

Dialog blue Excalmation blue Question blue Critical stop blue Asterisk blue Dialog blue Shield blue