Microsoft Security Essentials scanning an Unknown Win32/Trojan virus file.

Microsoft Security Essentials Success

The Unknown Win32 Trojan virus was successfully removed from their computer after the actions were taken.


The Unknown Win32/Trojan threat is detected by Windows Defender.


Unknown Win32 Trojan seen on the rogue Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus.

Privacycorrector alert

Unknown Win32/Trojan is a term about a serious trojan with an unidentified name that could cause serious harm to the computer without name used on the specific trojan horse program. These are a sometime items that can be detected by Microsoft Security Essentials. This term also appeared in Windows Defender and one of Microsoft's antivirus programs. The term was also used in the fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus that was developed by the hackers and raring to trick people to thinking their computer is infected and installing malware onto their computers when they attempt to remove the threat detected by the program.

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