My Computer on Windows Vista

This PC (named My Computer in the past) is a directory in Microsoft Windows that lets you see your hard drives and your optical drives on your computer.


Start Menu


The Start Menu contains the "My Computer" link

To access "My Computer", go to the Start Menu and click on "My Computer".



It can also be accessed by the Desktop

My Computer can be also accessed by simply double-clicking on the icon "My Computer" in the Desktop.

Windows Explorer

Another way it can be accessed by going to the drop-down menu in Windows Explorer and select "My Computer" from the list.


  • Hard drive information
    • Size
    • Free Space
    • Format
    • Volume Label
  • Optical drive info
    • Disc label
    • Disc size
    • Disc type
    • Optical drive status


  • From Windows 95 to Windows XP, it was called My Computer.
  • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, it was called Computer.

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