The TechNet Wiki

The TechNet Wiki is a library of Microsoft-related information for the IT pro community, written by the community. It only requires a Live ID to login and contribute. The wiki was created by Microsoft TechNet, but is operated by the community.

The goals of the Wiki include providing broader and more in-depth solution-focused content (how-to, procedural, troubleshooting, deployment), from a wider variety of authors, with less publishing friction than traditional mechanisms.

Content on the TechNet Wiki is not deemed to be "supported" by Microsoft, as it could be written by anyone. Users requiring Microsoft-approved technical solutions can use the MSDN Library, TechNet Library or contact Microsoft Support.

The beta of the TechNet wiki was launched in April 2010 by a team of Wiki Ninjas - interested employees who are almost entirely not directly affiliated with the project.

The wiki is overseen by a Community Council, which consists of 4 Microsoft employees, 2 MVPs and 2 "at large" community members.


Info The TechNet Wiki does not compete with the Microsoft Wiki, as it provides technical information rather than an overview of Microsoft and its products. Deep technical content should be placed on TNW rather than MSW.

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