Star Wars Battlefront II
Developer(s) Pandemic Studios
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Release date(s) Xbox

EU October 31, 2005 Na November 1 2005

Genre(s) Third Person Shooter


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Star Wars Battlefont II is a first/third-person shooter video game developed by Pandemic Studios, and published by LucasArts. The game was made for the Xbox, PC, Playstation 2, and PSP.


You can play as the Republic,Separatists,Empire,and the Rebellion. Each faction has there own units and weapon setups to choose from. There are six different class in the game. Those class are Soldier class, Heavy Weapon class, Sniper class, Engieer class, Special class 1, and Special class 2. There are 38 maps that are present in the game. There are also vehicles that you can ride in on certain maps.

In the mutiplayer part of the game there are two options Lan, and online modes. Lan allows you to connect to a computer near you ( or for consoles like the xbox one plug another controller.) But the online is no longer supported but there are other sites that allows you to still host online matches.

In the game you can switch form a first persion view to a third persion view. Unlike the first game you can now run, which allows you to get to locations on the map faster. When you are fighting in space you can go into the engine room and control room. Unlike the first game where you could only go to the hanger. There are two different types of space battles those being Conquest, and CTF. In Conquest the way you win is by, reaching a certain a certain amount ponits before the other team dose. In Conquest the way you earn points is by shooting down enemy fighters, and destorying the enemy space ships. IIn CTF the way you win is by getting the target before the othe team dose. When you get it you try to bring it to your ship, to get points for your team.


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