Microsoft Software Assurance is a program for businesses to pay for Microsoft Windows, Office or Server software over a period of years, and receive free software upgrades and benefits during that period.


Taken from SA website
Name Description Software Lifecycle
24x7 Problem Resolution Support Enhances existing Premier Support agreements by providing around-the-clock incident support Deploy, Maintain
"Cold" Backups for Disaster Recovery Helps maintain IT operating efficiency and protect mission-critical solutions Maintain
E-Learning Offers self-paced interactive training designed for end-users and IT Professionals Deploy, Use
Enterprise Source Licensing Program Provides access to Microsoft Windows Source Code for internal development and support Deploy, Maintain
Extended Hotfix Support Reduces support costs and makes it easier for customers to get the support needed Maintain, Transition
Home Use Program Increases productivity by giving employees licensed copies of Microsoft Office programs for their home computer Deploy, Use
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Increases desktop manageability, reduces total cost of ownership, and enables delivery of applications as services Deploy, Maintain
Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack Enables IT to deploy a single Office 2007 image with support for 37 languages Deploy, Use
New Version Rights Provides new software version releases so you can have access to the latest technology Plan, Deploy
Packaged Services Delivers structured engagements to assist with planning and deployment including Desktop, SharePoint, Exchange, and Business Value Planning Services Plan, Deploy
Spread Payments Helps reduce initial costs and forecast annual software budget requirements Plan
Step-Up License Availability Enables you to migrate your software from a lower-level software edition to a higher-level edition of certain products Plan, Deploy, Use
TechNet Benefits Through Software Assurance Gives IT staff easy access to experts and technical information Deploy, Maintain
Training Vouchers Provides in-depth technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers Deploy, Use, Maintain
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs Reduces the costs of owning legacy PCs, while improving their management and security Deploy, Transition
Windows 7 Enterprise Helps organizations lower costs, reduce risks, and stay connected Deploy, Use, Maintain

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