Scott Knaster is an American technical writer who has written many books, mostly dealing with Macintosh programming and using the Macintosh. He has worked for such companies as Apple Inc., General Magic, Microsoft, Danger Inc., and Google.[1][2]

Knaster's first books on Macintosh programming in the late 1980s and early 1990s were considered required reading for Macintosh programmers for many years.[1][3]

In addition to writing books, Knaster writes for several periodicals and web sites including Macworld, MacTech,[2] and O'Reilly Media's Mac Dev Center.[4]

Knaster is a regular speaker at Macworld Expo,[2] MacHack (until it ended),[5] and sits on the panel of Apple's Stump the Experts.

List of books written by Scott Knaster

Knaster was also the series editor for Addison-Wesley’s Macintosh Inside Out, a collection of 19 technical books published over a 3-year period in the 1990s.[2]


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