Scalebound cover art
Developer(s) PlatinumGames
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
Release date(s) Cancelled
Platform(s) Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Action role-playing
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Scalebound was an action role-playing video game that was being developed by PlatinumGames. The game had been scheduled to be released in 2017 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, with Microsoft Studios publishing the title. Microsoft announced the cancellation of ScaleboundTemplate:'s development in January 2017. In this game, players would assume control of Drew, who is accompanied by a dragon called Thuban. Players could use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies, and could issue commands to the dragon, which assisted players during battles. Unlike other games developed by PlatinumGames, the game put more focus on graphical qualities and the role-playing aspect instead of action.


Scalebound was an action role-playing video game played in a third-person perspective, in which players assumed control of Drew, as he progressed through the world of Draconis.[1] Players are accompanied by a dragon called Thuban, who will assist Drew throughout the game. Drew and Thuban are bonded together, and Thuban's death will cause Drew to die as well and vice versa.[2] Thuban is usually controlled by artificial intelligence, but players can give commands to the dragon when performing attacks. Drew can also enter the Dragon Link mode, which allows players to directly control the dragon from Drew's perspective. In this mode, the perspective will shift to first-person, and Drew will be very vulnerable to attacks. There are three types of dragons, each with different characteristics. The three types can be blended together through the game's customization options and the dragon's abilities, appearances and armor can be modified by the player.[3] The dragon can be ridden, though not in the beginning of the game, and they can perform a special elemental attack with the berserker mode.[2][4] Players can also upgrade its abilities by using the gems dropped by defeated enemies.[5]


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