SageTV Media Center is a popular digital video recorder package for Windows and Linux. It works with most hardware based TV tuner cards and has a programming guide that is updated via the Internet. SageTV Media Center provides a television interface for digital video recording, Music and Photos on Windows and Linux and also has a SageTV Placeshifter option that allows you to watch your TV from any high speed connection. SageTV typically records in standard MPEG2, making it possible to transfer recordings to laptops or other devices you have.

The SageTV Media Extender set-top allows you to connect other TVs at home to SageTV over a home network. Also works with Hauppauge MediaMVP.

SageTV Placeshifter lets you watch your TV from any high speed internet connection similar to the Slingbox.

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux is based on the Gentoo distribution and is a full Linux distribution tuned for Media Center usage. It runs on low cost PC and consumer electronics hardware including embedded processors (embedded only available for OEMs).

SageTV Studio

SageTV Studio lets users customize SageTV and also develop SageTV plugins. There are Netflix, IMDB and commercial skipping plugins.

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