QuickPascal is Pascal programming language compiler, released by Microsoft in 1989.

The creation of this product was aimed at competing with the Turbo Pascal compiler manufactured by Borland. Quick Pascal sold for $ 99, significantly lower than Turbo Pascal (base version - $ 149.95).

Microsoft Quick Pascal included an integrated development environment with multi-window support and color syntax highlighting. Among other features, we can note support for a 256-color VGA video adapter with a resolution of 320 × 200, mouse handling and object-oriented programming.

Microsoft Quick Pascal is almost completely compatible with the Turbo Pascal 4.0 and 5.0 compilers, as well as with the programs for Turbo Pascal 5.5, with the exception of object-oriented programming, which is borrowed from the Object Pascal standard, and some functions of the BGI (Borland Graphics Interface).

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