This tool is used to record the steps needed to produce a problem. The results are automatically packaged in a zip file which can be e-mailed to whoever solves your IT problems. Note that it does not capture what you type, only where you type something and that you have typed something.

Recording problems

  1. Click the start menu, type problem steps recorder and press enter to start the program.
  2. Click start record and then go through the steps to reproduce the problem.
  3. The recording can be paused at any point and resumed later
  4. Clicking add comment allows you to highlight part of the screen and type text to comment on it.
  5. When you are finished click stop record.
  6. Choose a location to save the recording and give it a name.
  7. Send this to your IT person (this could be by e-mail, on a CD/USB flash drive or even over a local network)

Changing settings

  1. Open the problem steps recorder (see above)
  2. Click the down arrow next to the question mark
  3. Click settings
  4. Edit any of the following settings then click save:

  • Output location (click browse to set a default output file name and location so you are not prompted to save the recordings)
  • Enable screen caputure (if you do not want to capture some potentially sensitive info on the screen select no here)
  • Number of recent screen captures to store (this must be at least as high as the number of screen shots captured in the recording or the recording will be missing the first ones)

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