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Peter Nicholas Biddle (born December 22, 1966) joined Microsoft in 1990. Biddle was one of the first authors to describe the darknet[1], a founder of SDMI, CPTWG, and TCPA, an early technical evangelist for DVD and DVR, the founding father of Microsoft’s Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB, aka Palladium) initiative[2], and was responsible for starting Microsoft's Hypervisor development efforts.

In 1998, Biddle was the first person to ever publicly demonstrate real-time consumer DVR using an inexpensive MPEG2 HW encoder, at WinHEC[3]. Biddle was the author of “The Biddle Diagram” on page 13[4] in the SDMI spec, which enabled the playback of “unknown” (e.g., potentially pirated) content on SDMI-compliant players, and was a vocal proponent within SDMI for the external validation of digital watermarking.

Biddle is a member of the Biddle family and is a descendant of Nicholas Biddle. He built and led the engineering team that shipped BitLocker Drive Encryption, a TPM-rooted disk encryption for Windows Vista, and he lives in Seattle.


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