Office Assistants are helpers in Microsoft Office that help you when you're in a Microsoft Program. The first assistant is Clippit, a paper clip nicknamed Clippy. Clippy was parodied by an evil version of him named Vigor, a cruel parody.

If you write "Dear" and if you space, Clippit will say that it looks like you're writing a letter and you can get help with the assistant or without help or disable this tip. The feature was removed in Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2008, due to criticism.

In Microsoft Office 2007 for PC and Microsoft Office 2008 for MAC, the Office Assistant is replaced by a new online help system.

Default Assistants

  • Clippit - A paper clip with eyebrows and eyes.
  • The Dot - A red bouncing ball with eyes and a smiley face.
  • F1 - A robot with two arms and has his head shaped like a rectangle.
  • Office Logo - An object with four colored puzzle pieces, symbolizing the logo.
  • Mother Nature - Our planet earth that transforms into images of nature.
  • Links - A cat that chases on the prowl for answers.
  • Rocky - A dog who has a crush on Lassie probably.
  • The Genius - An Albert Einstein caricature who wears a brown shirt and blue jeans.
  • Will - A William Shakespeare caricature and a short name for him.

Downloaded Assistants

  • Bosgrove - A butler that looks like the Genius.
  • Genie - An Egyptian Jinn that came from his lamp and named after his name.
  • Kairu - A blue dolphin that is exclusively for the Asian versions.
  • Max - A Macintosh Plus computer and the nickname for him only available in the Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Merlin - An old wizard named after him
  • Peedy - A green parrot that has white eyes.
  • Robby - Another robot like F1.
  • Saeko Sensai - A secretary of Japan that is exclusively for the Asian versions.
  • Sun Wukong - A legendary monkey warrior that has his nickname, the Monkey King.

Replaced assistants

  • Hoverbot - A robot that was replaced by F1.
  • Power Pup - A super hero dog that was replaced by Rocky.
  • Scribble - An origami-esque cat that was replaced by Links.

Ribbon Hero 2

After featuring a movie with Clippy's tomb, it promotes for Office 2010 for PC and Office 2011 for MAC. In the game, Ribbon Hero 2, Clippy accidentically enters a time machine.

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