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Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity programs for Windows.

Office 2013 was released in January 2013.

There will also be an Office 2013 RT version built-into Windows RT. This will ship as a preview at the same time as the Surface RT tablet in October 2012. The RT version has some advanced features removed to enable it to run smoothly on lightweight RT tablets, including macros, third-party add-ins, and VBA support.

Changes and improvements to Office 2013 include:Edit

  • A new Modern UI  user interface alongside the existing Ribbon
  • In Word, the capability of inserting video and audio online as well as the broadcasting of documents on the Web
  • In Excel, additional tools including filtering on a timeline, converting Roman numerals to Hindu-Arabic numerals, and the integration of advanced trigonometric functions.
  • There is a new "Touch Mode" that is easier for tablet users to touch with.   

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