Midori is the code name for a managed code operating system being developed by Microsoft Research. It has been reported to be a possible commercial implementation of the Singularity operating system, a research project started in 2003 to build a highly-dependable operating system in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code. It was designed for concurrency, and can run a program spread across multiple nodes at once. It also features an entirely new security model that sandboxes applications for increased security. Microsoft has mapped out several possible migration paths from Windows to Midori (referred to as "Windows.Next").

In a possible connection with Microsoft's Oslo composite application initiative, the programming model will rely on metadata, with the goal of allowing the system to more reliably manage applications. There is also a possibility that Midori is Internet-based.

The code name Midori was first discovered through the PowerPoint presentation CHESS: A systematic testing tool for concurrent software.

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