Microsoft QuickC was an integrated development environment for the programming language C, released by Microsoft from 1987 to 1993, when the Visual C ++ development environment replaced it. The product was positioned as a competitor of Turbo C development environment, manufactured by Borland.

Version history

  • QuickC 1.0, released in October 1987. It implements the ANSI C standard and is compatible with Microsoft C 5.0. CodeView is also supported. The release had compatibility issues with WD hard disk controllers.
  • QuickC 1.01
  • QuickC 2.0, released in January 1989. New features included: incremental compilation and linking, improved compilation speed, built-in assembler and support for all memory models. Compatibility Microsoft C 5.1.
  • QuickC 2.01, released in June 1989. Quick Assembler was included in this release. It was Microsoft Source Profiler compatible.
  • QuickC 2.50, released in May 1990.
  • QuickC 2.51, released in 1990.
  • QuickC for Windows 1.0, released in September 1991. This was the first Windows-based OS for C, and was also available as a bundle with Microsoft C 6.0 and Windows SDK. The IDE used some undocumented Windows API calls.

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