Microsoft Money was Microsoft's personal finance software. It was designed for computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system, though versions for Windows Mobile were also available (available for Money 2000-2006 on select versions of Windows Mobile, up to, but not including, Windows Mobile 5.0).

The last version, released in August 2007, was called Microsoft Money Plus and came in four editions: Essentials, Deluxe, Premium and Home & Business.

On 10 June 2009, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue sales of the software on 30 June 2009.[1]


There were versions of Microsoft Money for the U.S., U.K., France, Japan, Canada and an International English edition for other English speaking countries. However, Microsoft had not updated the U.K., French and international editions since Money 2005. The last Canadian version was Money 2006.

There were also localized versions for other countries, such as Russia, Brazil, Germany and Italy. However, these versions were discontinued due to what was believed to be an insufficient user-base to justify the expense of localization for more recent versions or the expense to integrate support for the national online-banking standard like HBCI in Germany.


The first version of Microsoft Money dated back to 1991 and was originally part of the Microsoft Home series. [2]

To celebrate Windows 95's release and to promote the advantages of a native Windows 95 application, Money 95 was available as a free web download from Microsoft's web site between 24 August 1995 and 31 October 1995. Users also had the option of paying $9.95 USD plus tax (for US residents) or $14.95 CAD plus tax (for Canadian residents) for CD-ROM or 3.5" floppy disk media along with a hard copy user's manual during that promotional period. This was requested either through a promotional mail-in card (was distributed in stores) or calling Microsoft directly. The freely downloaded (moneyweb.exe) version was the same as the paid 3.5" floppy disk version but no user's manual was available. The CD-ROM version included Multimedia Catalog (an electronic catalog of Microsoft products available at that time) and an online user's manual. Users who took advantage of this (media cost + freight cost) only version did not receive the retail box, but the contents were the same as the ones sold in stores. Windows NT 3.51 was also supported. [3]

Release history

Marketed version Actual version Notes
Microsoft Money Plus Sunset (Home & Business) (Deluxe)

These are the promised releases of the no activation versions of Money Plus 2008. All online services / bank information download has been removed. You don't need to have any previous version of Money installed in order to install the "Sunset" versions. Do not install over the original 2008 version if you are still using the online services.
Microsoft Money Plus (Home & Business) (Deluxe) (Essentials)

Final release. First and only version to require Product activation on those copies installed from CD. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing an edition of Money 2008 that does not require activation. See Discontinuation below.
Microsoft Money 2007 16.0 First version to require Product activation for copies installed from downloaded installation files.
Microsoft Money 2006 15.0 Last localized release for Canada. Last version for Windows 98 SE/ME, Windows 2000 SP3, [4] and for Windows Mobile platforms.
Microsoft Money 2005 14.0 Last localized release for the U.K., French, and the International edition.
Microsoft Money 2004 12.0 Last version to support original version of Windows 98 ("First Edition").
Microsoft Money 2003 11.0
Microsoft Money 2002 10.0 Last version to support Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 SP5.
Microsoft Money 2001 9.0
Microsoft Money 2000 8.0 First edition for Windows Mobile platforms. Last localized release for Italy.
Microsoft Money 99 7.0 Last localized release for Germany and Brazil.
Microsoft Money 98 6.0
Microsoft Money 97 5.0 Last version to support Windows NT 3.51.
Microsoft Money 95 4.0, 4.0a First Win32 version. Free promotional version (downloaded from Microsoft) was available for limited time after Windows 95's initial release. Version 4.0a corrected file import bugs. [5][6]
Microsoft Money 3.0 3.0 Final Win16 version.
Microsoft Money 2.0 2.0
Microsoft Money 1.0 Initial release for Windows 3.0.

Due to Microsoft's propensity to market product versions using the year number rather than the actual version number, the version number reported in the About dialogue may not actually reflect that of the packaging of the distribution media.

Note that a version 13.x was never created.

Discontinuation of Money

In August 2008, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the practice of releasing a new version of the product each year, and as such had no version planned for 2009. Additionally, the company announced that they would be no longer shipping boxed versions of Microsoft Money to retail stores, instead selling the product only through online downloads. [7]

On 10 June 2009, Microsoft announced that it would be ending development of Money. The company plans to discontinue sales of Money by 30 June 2009, however will continue to support the product until 31 Jan 2011. [1] The company cited the changing needs of the marketplace as the reason for Money's demise, stating that "demand for a comprehensive personal finance toolset has declined." [8] Product activation servers used for Money 2007 and up will also be deactivated after January 31, 2011, effectively not allowing these affected versions to be reinstalled after that date.

Release of Money Plus Sunset

On 17 June 2010, Microsoft announced the released Money Plus Sunset[9]. Money Plus Sunset is a version of Money Plus Deluxe and Money Plus Home & Business that does not require online activation.[8]

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