Microsoft Excel/Excel 2010/Snippets/Functions/Application


Microsoft Excel/Excel 2010/Snippets/Functions/Workbook




'@key - Variant value, the value to lookup in the @src column
'@keylst - Range object, the Range to lookup @key in.
'@vallst - Range object, the Range to obtain the value from the position of @key in @keylst
'@col - Long value, (Optional) The column within @vallst that contains the value
'        in respect to the row obtained through @key search in @keylst.
'     - Defaults to 1, or first column in the range
Function RevLookup(key, _
                  keylst As range, valrange As range, _
                  Optional col As Long = 1)
   Dim row As Variant
   row = ExactMatch(key, keylst)
   RevLookup = Index(valrange, row, col)
End Function

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