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Previously titled; Project Natal. Kinect is Microsoft's unique controller-free motion controller. Microsoft went above and beyond the use of regular Xbox 360 controllers. Which they introduced Kinect.

100% of Microsoft's E3 2010 was dedicated to Xbox 360's Kinect. Days after the show, it left a sour taste in some of the media goers, muchless the fans. Which they were heavily criticised by SONY on numerous accounts. However, this didn't stop media goers of E3 from testing the new product out.

Like with any new game product. Every electronic retailer opened it's doors early, so that gamers can snatch a copy of Kinect.



Think of like playing the Wii/PS3 without no controller. You only use your body movements, hand and feet gestures.


The sensor bar also recognizes your voice. Instead of using the controller to point to the menu. You would just say whatever and the menu would pop up instantly.

For instance

  • "Play movie"
  • "Play game"

You can also use it on features such as Facebook, Twitter etc...

Picture Taking

Some games offer the opportunity to take your picture. Like will record what kind of pose you did when you finished the game.

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