Links is one of the Office Assistants that ships with Microsoft Office 2003. Links takes the form of a small cat that is coloured luight brown, but with a whiter underbelly, a blue collar, and red inner ears.


Based on the quotes and idle animations that Links does, it is known that he has dark paws, and that his paw-print is equivelent to his signature or   a
Links the cat
provall stamp. Links is shown to nead reading glasses (these are dark blue, and have a "Old Granny" style chains, also in dark  blue), although he doesn't wear these to stamp documents; thus, it is assumed that he only neads them for small text. Links,  based on his quotes, eats mice, and is has an intrest in playing the panio.

Links is happy to use a catflap.


  • Unlike Rocky, the other asnimal based assistant, Links shows many tendancies based on his species.

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