Kameo: Elements of Power
Kameo cover
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Release date(s) NA=November 7, 2005
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
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Kameo: Elements of Power is a video game launched for the Xbox 360 and is developed by Rare. The game was originally planned for the GameCube and has been in development since 2001.


When Theena, the elf queen, gives her daughter Kameo the power of self-transformation, her sister Kalus grows jealous and releases the ancient curse which held the evil troll, King Thorn, captive. Thorn, working with Kalus, kidnaps Kameo's family. Kameo, armed with 3 elemental warriors (Pummelweed, Chilla and Major Ruin), assaults Thorn's Castle, only to be defeated by a giant troll. Kameo loses her elemental warriors and wakes up in the Enchanted Kingdom. The Mystic tells Kameo that she must reclaim the elemental sprites that hold the spirits of the ten elemental warriors. Kameo must also rescue the ancestors that helped Theena defeat Thorn the first time. Armed with the Wotnot Book, a magical tome that houses Ortho, a wise wizard, Kameo sets out on a quest for revenge.


Kameo was originally planned for the Nintendo GameCube and was set to be one of Rare's flagship titles for the system, along with Star Fox Adventures and Donkey Kong Racing. However, when Microsoft announced its purchase of Rare in late 2002, Kameo's future was put in question. It was decided that work would continue on the Xbox and a planned release date of 2003 was given. After several revamps, causing repeated delays, Kameo was put on indefinite hold in late 2004. Following this, rumors began that the game was once again undergoing a platform change, this time from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, where it was officially the first game for the system.

The launch of the game brought with lt the sale of an official soundtrack featuring 27 musical tracks from the game.

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