"I haven't yet begun to burn, but when I do, all that will be left of you is ashes." - Kameo to Thorn.

Kameo is an elven princess and the protagonist of Kameo: Elements of Power. She is the adopted daughter of Theena, the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom, and of King Solon.


Despite being an adoptive child, Kameo received the Elements of Power from her family. But her sister Kalus became very envious and felt betrayed by her family. She decided to summon the troll king Thorn and join the trolls to get revenge on her family. Kalus then kidnapped The Ancestors and Queen Theena, and Kameo's family is also kidnapped and imprisoned in seperate bodies. Kameo in an attempt to free her family foolishly attacked Thorn without the Wotnot and only 3 Elemental Warriors. She is defeated by Thorn, blacks out, and loses her three Elemental Warriors because she did not have the Wotnot book in her possession at the time.

Kameo is healed and awakens at the The Mystic's doorstep. She then gains the Wotnot book, and she goes on a quest to retrieve the Elemental Sprites and save her family from Thorn.



When on the ground, pressing the left trigger allows Kameo to jump slightly, and her wings will come into view, allowing her to move over the ground faster, and cross small gaps.

Flip Kick

By pressing both triggers , Kameo can perform a flip kick with her legs, destroying smaller objects, and damaging enemies slightly.


Pressing the right trigger will make Kameo perform a small jump assisted with her wings.


Click here for the gallery for Kameo.


  • The voice of Kameo is Emma Tate.
    • Kameo's voice actress in the Japanese version is Romi Park.

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