Jacques Bonjawo (born 30 December 1960, Yaoundé) is a software engineer, an author and a columnist in the application of technology to sustainable development. Jacques is most noted for his work at Microsoft in 1997–2006 as senior program manager for the MSN Group. His early career included also working at PricewaterhouseCoopers as IT manager and senior associate. He's given a series of talks at various institutions, including Harvard University, the World Bank, and other international forums. His latest book "L'Afrique du XXIe Siècle" (Africa in the 21st Century) is in the list of the 5 best sellers at Karthala, a Paris-based publisher.

while at Microsoft, Mr. Bonjawo was tasked by the World Bank and then President James Wolfensohn to help launch the African Virtual University (AVU) [1], a major distance-learning education institution in Africa that would utilize satellite technology and the Internet to broadcast courses from all over the World to African students. He was elected chairman of board of Directors of the AVU in 2002.

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