You have probably came to a site across Microsoft you can see at the right of this text while entering a site. That message appears during a detection, and whenever you attempt to open a site, this message will appear, until the message has closed.

Sometimes, the Interactive Services Detection (ISD) are devastating for the people, as they need to disable this message to continue viewing the site. In other words, the developers warn the people by putting this message, saying that there is a detection for a certain time.

Here are some of the results how ISD appears and the reasons why it happen.

Cause of this message

Usually, first, a banner will display before this ISD message appears, warning the person that there is a detection. Later, every Microsoft developer will then display this ISD message.

Later in this ISD message, the message will soon appear in the taskbar, with the image of a camera and a printer with a gear.


Detections are often harassing for people because they have to stop browsing the site, unless when they are at a website. In the past, detections were much longer than now[unconfirmed]. They use to take hours and now, they take some minutes.

However, the Microsoft developers do not make detections happen just for the pleasure for annoying people, they have to display it in order to detect problems and because Microsoft could not be detected when it was in use by people. They try to do the detection at night to harass people, but, sometimes, people that have another timezone or that go to bed late are still stopped by browsing this message.

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