Hearts is a card game, there is also a computer version.


As with many other card games, the Peppa has rules that change slightly from area to area if not home.


You play with a French deck of 52 cards in four people each by yourself (only during the game you can create "alliances" depending on the performance of the scores). The aim of the game is to not take the Peppa (Spades) or the hearts cards.

The dealer distributes 13 cards per head. After viewing the cards, each player passes three to his right opponent; All have to do this step at the same time.

The first hand (at the dealer's right) plays a card of his choice. The other players play in the clockwise direction, "responding" to the seed (that is, playing a card of the same seed as that played from the first hand). If you do not have cards of that seed you can play the card you want. Play four cards, these are taken from the player who played the highest seed card played from the first hand. Who, having no seed of that sort, had played a card of another seed, will not take that hand, even if the value of the card is higher. The game now passes to the player who plays a new card of his choice and the game then proceeds to catch up to the end of the cards in the hands of the players.


After finishing the game, each player counts the points he took, according to the following table:

  • Spike Woman (Hearts): 13 points
  • Ace of hearts: 5 points
  • King of hearts: 4 points
  • Woman of hearts: 3 points
  • Heartbeat: 2 points

Each other card of hearts: 1 point

  • Other cards: 0 points
  • Take All Hearts and Spades Woman ( Coat ): 0 points (but 36 to other players)

When a player exceeds 100 points, he loses the player who follows him as a score (though he has not exceeded 100 points). The two players who have the lowest scores are the winners. This makes the game unusual alliances during the game because it is not enough to be careful not to take it, but you also have to try not to be dragged in by another player.

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