To instantly win press ALT+SHIFT+2



Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10 simultaneously until another screen comes up. Hit abort then move a card to the top where the aces go.

Assort Cards

To assort the cards hit game tab ->select game ->answer yes. Type in -1 to assort cards ascending and -2 for descending cards.

Hidden Hard Drives

Press Start, then run.
Type in devmgmt.msc.
Press view at top then click show hidden devices.
Click on Network Adapter’s plus sign.
Then troubleshoot the hidden drives.


Quick Hibernation

Press Windows (left of ALT button) +U+H.

Hibernation Button

Click Start, then shutdown, and then hold shift. The Hibernation button will appear.



Type in Notepad Bush hid the facts. Save it, close it, and then open it again. The letters change. Note: Does not work with Vista.


Press PrtSc. Go to paint and press Ctrl+V to paste the screen shot.


Start the calculator.
Click help. Then help topics.
Click on the icon on the top left. (The paper with a question mark in the front)
Click jump to URL...
Put in http:// (then the URL to the site you want to go to)
Press Enter.

IP Address

Start ->Run -> cmd -> enter -> type tracert -> space ->
Type in website url (no [http:// http://]) -> enter
Copy the final ip-address go to your web browser
Go to
Put in the IP address to the left of the button that says "Look up this IP or Website"
Click that button.

Host file

My computer -> Hard drive -> WINDOWS -> system32 -> drivers -> etc. -> right click host -> open with notepad

Block A Website

I'm not sure how to reverse it.

Put the target ip-address of the website you want it to be directed to in (for example: Paste the ip-address in. Tab. Put in any website name that you want blocked. Save it.

Computer Security


Click Start ->Control Panel -> ->Recommendations ->Enable Now -> Click Close in the dialog box ->click OK in the Recommendation dialog box ->Click X ===Protect Against Spyware=== Start the Internet -> ->click the link to download the Microsoft Antispyware ->run it ->install the antispyware ->activate all security agents ->go to ->Download Mike’s StartupMonitor ->Double-click the file ->double-click StartupMonitor.msi==Change Window XP's Look==



Find the photo or picture you want on the desktop ->right-click the picture ->Set as desktop background ->If the picture is distorted right-click the desktop ->properties ->desktop ->choose center, tile, or stretch ->click OK.


  1. Open your web browser -> -> search free screensavers -> go to a link that you want -> install the one you want ->right-click the desktop ->properties -> screen saver -> choose it.
  2. Right-click the desktop -> properties -> screen saver -> choose one of the many choices they have.

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