Grabbed by the Goulies
Grabbed by the Goulies
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Release date(s) 21 October 2003
Platform(s) Xbox
Genre(s) Action-adventure, beat 'em up
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Grabbed by the Ghoulies is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the Xbox. It was first released in North America in October 2003, and in Europe in November 2003. It was re-released worldwide on the Xbox 360 as a downloadable Xbox Live Originals title in February 2009, before being removed from the store in June 2015. However, it was later released as part of the compilation Rare Replay for Xbox One. The game follows a young boy, Cooper Chance, who sets out to rescue his girlfriend from a mansion haunted by supernatural creatures.


Two boys, Cooper and his girlfriend Amber pass in front of the Manor Ghoulhaven owned by Baron Von Ghoul, she is kidnapped by the Ghoulies, the monsters that inhabit the house, and brought inside. Cooper goes in search of the girl, soon supported by Butler Crivens advice. When Cooper is Amber, a scientist turns into a monster, forcing Cooper to find some ingredients so that the manor chef can create a potion to save Amber. Unfortunately, the cook makes a mistake and Amber transforms into an even more terrible and fearsome monster as an opponent. After Cooper manages to beat the cook prepares the right soup. Reconverted Amber, Cooper has to make one last job: to enter the private room of the Baron and find the key to free other guys locked up in the rooms of the house. After reaching the Baron's room, Cooper is aware that Crivens was none other than the Baron. Face to face with the latter, Cooper faces him, defeating him and freeing all the guys. Amber Cooper and thus manage to escape from the house, to the city of Ghoulville, too 'it peopled by monsters.


The play is set entirely in Ghoulhaven Manor, except for some scenes in this garden. The player controls Cooper moving and attacking monsters she encounters. On many occasions, the player will have to overcome a challenge by following certain requirements to open the door and come in the next room. If the player misses one of the requirements, follow the apparition of the "Lady with the scythe," which will chase Cooper and, if touching it, kill it. Cooper can fight with your bare hands, but also grab objects located around or facilitarsi with some upgrades that will block such monsters for a few seconds and will make it faster for a limited time.

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