Fable 2
Fable 2
Developer(s) Lionhead
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Release date(s) NA 21, October, 2008

AUS 23, October, 2008

EU 24, October 2008

JP 18, December 2008

Platform(s) Xbox 360
Genre(s) RPG


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Fable 2 is the second game released in the Fable series. And was released only on the Xbox 360.


Fable 2 is a action RPG type game, simliar to the first game in the series. The way you earn gold has been changed, unlike the first game where you earn gold though quests: you now earn gold though johs. These jobs can rage from woodcutting, bounty hunter, blacksmith and many others. There are three different types of weapons you can use. These weapon classes are bow and arrow, gun powered weapons, and close rage weapons. In this game you also have a dog that will fellow you around, and it will also assist killing your enemies. Your dog can also find dig sports have items or gold.


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