Eric Allen Neustadter, also known by his Xbox Live Gamertag e, is the Operations Manager for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live.[1][2] Neustadter is frequently a co-host of Larry Hryb's "Major Nelson Radio" Xbox-related podcast. Neustadter has been with Xbox Live since 2002.

According to Microsoft, "e" is the first Gamertag ever created on Xbox Live, having been created on August 13, 2002.[3] Neustadter picked the Gamertag in the early stages of Xbox Live as an abbreviation for his first name.

Other media

Identifying himself only by his Xbox Live gamertag "e", Neustadter briefly appeared in the video at the end of the Xbox 360 viral marketing campaign OurColony. In his role as Director of Xbox Operations for Xbox Live, Neustadter appeared in a video which was included with all consoles of the Xbox 360 when it was originally released. Neustadter is also credited as contributing to Halo 3 in the role of "Platform & Xbox Live: Microsoft Xbox" [4].


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