Don Mattrick is a former president of software maker Electronic Arts Worldwide and originally the founder of Distinctive Software (DSI) in 1982. DSI later merged with Electronic Arts in 1991 and became EA Canada, Electronic Arts Canada. DSI was a leading independent content creator who worked with most of the industry leaders building entertainment and educational titles.

Mattrick personally designed Test Drive and was instrumental in championing titles like the Sims and Harry Potter. After the merger with Electronic Arts in 1991, Mattrick was involved in games like the Need for Speed series. In September 2005, Mattrick resigned as president of Electronic Arts Worldwide[1], a position largely involved in game development, although Mattrick claims he left EA because he was uninterested in "running a public company"[1]. He was previously considered a possible candidate for the CEO position at EA.

In February 2007, Mattrick joined Microsoft as an external advisor for its Entertainment and Devices division and not long after, in July 2007 Mattrick joined Microsoft as a Senior Vice President responsible for running their Interactive Entertainment Business unit which includes Xbox 360, Games for Windows and Live services.


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