Don Box is a distinguished engineer currently working at Microsoft.

Along with Bob Atkinson, Mohsen Al-Ghosein, and Dave Winer, Don was one of the original four designers of SOAP, a basic messaging layer for web services.

He currently works on Brad Lovering's team working on model-driven runtime and tool support at Microsoft. Prior to that, Don was an architect on Windows Communication Foundation (formerly known as Indigo) and related technologies.

Before joining Microsoft, Don was a contributing editor and columnist at Microsoft Systems Journal, which later became MSDN Magazine. Don was also a conspicuous figure in the Component Object Model (COM) community, where he coined the phrase "COM is love." He is also a series editor for Addison Wesley where he launched two successful series targeting the Microsoft developer audience.

Don Box is currently working on the development team of Oslo (Microsoft).


  • Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime, with Chris Sells
  • Essential COM
  • Essential XML: Beyond MarkUp
  • Effective COM: 50 Ways to Improve Your COM and MTS-based Applications, with Keith Brown, Tim Ewald and Chris Sells

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