Development of Windows 98 began in the 1990s, initially using the codename "Memphis" to refer to the product. Many builds were released or leaked, starting with build 1351 on December 15, 1996 and ending with Windows 98 Second Edition.

Build Number Date Description Released as
669 1995 First build of codename "Memphis"
1132 June 16, 1996 Very early beta on Windows 98, basically Windows 95 with small differences Windows Memphis Pre-Alpha
1387 February 7, 1997 First beta Windows Memphis Beta
1602 October 3, 1997 First build to be able to upgrade from Windows 3.1x Windows 98 Beta
1691 February 16, 1998 Expired on December 31, 1998 Windows 98 Release Candidate
1998 May 11, 1998[1] Final version Windows 98
2222 April 23, 1999[1] Windows 98 Second Edition


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