CodeView is an autonomous debugger, created by David Norris of Microsoft in 1985. Initially CodeView was developed for Microsoft C 4.0 and later. It was also developed for Visual Basic for MS-DOS, Microsoft Basic PDS, and a number of other Microsoft products. It was one of the first debuggers for MS-DOS, which was full-screen, not linear (like its predecessors DEBUG.COM and symdeb).

When working with CodeView, users can use windows that can be manipulated. Some of the windows: the code window, the data window, the command window.

After the release of Microsoft Visual C ++ 1.0, CodeView functionality was integrated into a single programming environment known as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), although CodeView was still available in 16-bit versions of Visual C ++. QuickC and a number of other development tools have also been integrated into a single programming environment. Such integration, according to many developers, is a more natural way of developing software. Everything can be done without switching programs or context from coding to debugging.

Today, the debugger is considered an integrated and integral part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

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