Blinx - The Time Sweeper
Blinx - The Time Sweeper Box art
Developer(s) Artoon
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Release date(s) December 12, 2002
Platform(s) Xbox
Genre(s) Platformer
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'Blinx: The Time Sweeper' 'is a Platform Video Game developed by Artoon and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released for the console Xbox in October 2002. A sequel, called 'Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space', was released in 2004.

The player impersonates Blinx, a time factory clerk (who is in charge of scrupulously administering his precise sliding), who, having witnessed the destruction of the B1Q64 size by the Tom Tom Gang (a criminal pig sting) and the Abducting her princess, she decides to go on a mission to put an end to this affair.


The game is, basically, a simple platform: the main peculiarity lies in the fact that the protagonist uses a special waste-to-waste (TS-1000) to eliminate monsters and time is used as a double-cut weapon: in fact, Blinx will take advantage of five commands (rewind, go ahead, pause, record, rewind) that, once accumulated by collecting crystals, will allow him to manipulate the flow of time with a visual effect similar to that of a VCR; However, as the regions that visit very unstable, they will have to do everything as fast as possible in ten minutes at most, after which the game over will take over. Blinx is also put to the carpet with only one stroke by the enemy or with injuries due to the dangers of the environment in which it is located (ice lakes, lava, collapsing floors, etc.), but then come to his aid Acting on time, they will report it to a recent condition considered safe: they are called retort, buy or collect as they are normal crystals and you can accumulate up to nine (Blinx is still a cat). Obviously, once the stock of retinue and wounded Blinx is over again, the game does not allow other possibilities.

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