BgC3 LLC is a think tank company founded by Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft.

It is classified in the federal trademark store in the following areas:

Technological and scientific services; Industrial and research analysis; Design and development of computer hardware and software.


The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates resigned as CEO on June 27, 2008, while remaining the largest shareholder (8.7% of Microsoft shares) and chairman of the board of directors. Earlier Gates said that after leaving his post, he intends to devote himself entirely to the management of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

However, in October 2008, in the city of Kirkland (Washington, USA) Bill Gates registered his third company called "Carillon Holdings." In early July, the company officially changed its name to "bgC3". Unverified sources claim that "bgC3" means Bill Gates Company Three (Bill Gates' Third Company). An insider source says that this assumption is only partly true. "C" in the title means "Catalyst" - "catalyst", while "bg" is really "Bill Gates", which will take on the role of "catalyst" in the "chemical reaction" of uniting new people and developments. "3" means the third place, that is not Microsoft and not the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but something new. It is announced that this will be a research center, whose tasks will include the provision of scientific and technological services, work in the field of analytics and research, and the creation and development of software and hardware.

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