Bash is an improved and modernized variation of the Bourne shell command shell. One of the most popular modern versions of the UNIX command shell. Especially popular in the Linux environment, where it is often used as a pre-installed command shell.

At the presentation Build 2016 announced that in Windows 10 will be supported the command shell bash.

The innovation will appear after the upgrade of Windows 10 in the summer of 2016.

Using bash, developers will be able to write scripts in the operating system and use editors like Emacs.

Previously, bash was only available on Unix systems. Microsoft is committed to creating a user-friendly system for all developers.

Microsoft Vice President Kevin Halo commented on this: Template: Quotation

In addition, at the presentation, the company presented virtual reality glasses for HoloLens developers. According to media estimates, their cost will be about three thousand dollars. Also, Microsoft introduced a platform for creating bots and a converter that helps run old applications.

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