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• 12/23/2018

Wiki Adopter

Now listen, I am going to ask FANDOM staff for wiki adopter because both administrators are bureaucrats and both of them are inactive. As soon as I make 100 edits I will ask FANDOM staff for wiki adopter.

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• 7/6/2018

Forum content has been migrated

Hello everyone,

You may notice some new posts here in Discussions that seem strangely old - that is because content from the wiki's old forums has been migrated into this Discussions area. No posts have been lost, and you can now carry on conversations in one instead of two separate places.

Curious to find out more about what this is about? Here are our FAQ:
Discussions FAQ Microsoft Wiki
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• 4/24/2017


This is secret I found a clue at microsoft secret microsoft logo of the new microsoft logo i think microsoft's new logo is secret

All Microsoft users must find the clue of the each microsoft logo before they go to the microsoft website

1. Microsoft logo
If we start the clue we will find the clue of each logo and a microsoft logo from it note i only found the microsoft secret logo clue and the secret microsoft logo award so you can find each clues at microsoft from microsoft if we run out of time you lose the time is 100 minutes find the each clue of the microsoft website and logos trust about it from it
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• 4/23/2017

I become a microsoft fan and a microsoft gamer

I've uploaded the microsoft avatar so i can learn about microsoft about microsoft about it

How to become a microsoft fan
1. Upload The Microsoft Avatar
Microsoft Works for me!
That Works For Me!
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• 2/28/2017

Just wondering...

I currently have Microsoft PowerPoint installed onto my Apple iMac, and I would like to preform the specific action:
I am currently looking to save my presentation under the 'File Format:' of (.png), but the option is not there.
As I mentioned above, I would like to preform the specific action: to save my presentation as a '.png'.
Does anyone know how to do this? If so, then please tell me where it can be found (if not, then how to add it). Thank you in advance.
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• 4/10/2015

Well then

As you might know he had some major vandalism today and a terrible admin. But now the admin has lost his rights and is now blocked also any vandalism he had done has been fixed thank you.
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• 1/7/2015

Expanding the wiki

I want to do some massive expansion to this wiki. I want to add infoboxs to every page. Update all pages with new current infomation. And to start makeing video game character game pages. So what i want to do is add pages on anything microsoft related. If every user agrees with me or has some has some ideas feel free to tell us. But this is a massive project that i want to do so i would like to have people help wirh it if you want to. You do not have to but it would help. So is every user on board for expanding this wiki and makeing it into something even greater?
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• 12/31/2014


I am an admin over at the Android Wiki, and I was wondering if the Microsoft Wiki would like to be a partner or ally. Thank you for considering this.
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• 10/30/2014

New Admin

Is all the users here fine with Kerry Stapleton getting a promotion. If all  the users are fine with it then he will get the promotion.
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• 10/25/2014

Protection on certain pages

I have made certain pages protected due to Vandalism on those pages and adding stuff on those pages that should not be there.
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• 10/19/2014


So in this form discussion about achevements we will be talking about what achevements you would like to be added and what the achevement names and photos should be. So if you have any ideas for achevements you can post them on this form discussion.
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